To provide the best R & D services to its customers, Greensystech mobilizes its expertise, tools and equipment, to design the autonomous electronic objects that fits the best the customer requirement. These projects range from study to delivery of few prototypes of very forward thinking products.

Design of connected and selpowered devices

  • In Building & Home Automation (BAU) for reduction and optimization of the power user’s energy bill
  • In logistics for better understanding and optimization of the flux (Smart Container)
  • In temperature-controlled logistics for digital, friendly and efficient traceability of thermosensitive chains
  • In smart waste collection, with pushing of the proper informations for real time best decision making
  • In automotive industry, with real-time onboard diagnostics with low cost and selfpowered OBD (ON-Board Diagnostics)

Advanced technological studies

  • NIALM (Non Intrusive Appliances Load Monitoring)
  • Smart grid elements

Energy optimization advices

  • Optimal sizing of power plant taking into account the energy mix