This is a batteryless and selfpowered smart lid, that a bin can be equipped with to become a smart bin. It is designed as a portable kit

Thanks to the Smart Waste Collection (SWC) technology, any kind of bin can be connected and selfpowered.

The waste management authorities can access to variety of information related to bins and optimize drastically the cost of their collection.

  • Filling purcentage of the bin
  • Geolocation of the bin
  • Necessity to collect the bin or possibility to delay

The economic benefits in return of investment:

  • Drastic reduction in the cost of collection by a better control of the volumes and types of waste to be collected
  • Round optimization

The operational benefits are:

  • Real-time knowledge of bins to necessarily empty
  • Reducing the number of operations to be performed by the operator

The specifications are:

  • Filling rate / level : 5% à 100%
  • Operational température range: – 40°C à +85°C
  • Smart city compliant


Fiche produit

The kit is suitable for all conventional bins on the market.