Founded in 2010 by Mohamed Fall, GST (GREENSYSTECH) is a French company operating in the field of energy intelligence and its applications.

Energy at low cost for connected devices

In a world that demands greater connectivity; reduction of energy cost has become essential. GREENSYSTECH develops innovative self-powered electronic devices to answer to this demand.

Thanks to its developed technologies such as the SMG (Micro Smart Generator), the company is recognized for its expertise in micro-energy.

The expertise comes from combining the following research topics:

Use of ambient energy such as light, vibration and thermoelectricity. These sources can be coupled together or used individually, to power electronic devices and reduce energy costs.

Real-time data collection and analysis, decision making, alert triggering, and dynamic energy management strategy for electronic objects.

“Our technologies have many applications in the active RFID, wireless sensor networks (WSN), automotive industry, Building and Home Automation (BAU), the machine-to-machine (M2M), monitoring of industrial processes (IPM ), military industry, environmental monitoring …”
Mohamed Fall, GreenSystech